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Curious George's First Day Of School

Curious Georges First Day Of School

HMH Books

ASIN: 0618605649
MPN: 9780618605644
ISBN: 0618605649
Author: H. A. Rey
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When Curious George attends the first day of school as a special helper, he winds up creating a big mess.
Curious George's First Day Of School is a wonderful child's book. The author is H. A. Rey and it was published sometime in 2005 by HMH Books. The paperback book is concerning Monkeys and is viewed as fantastic fiction. The book is 24 pages long and it consists of splendidly colored illustrations, select the weblink below.

It's the first day of school, and Curious George has been invited to Mr. Apple's class to develop to be a distinctive helper! Red and yellow paint tends to make orange, yellow and blue makes green. and a mixture of all with the paint colors tends to make a big mess! Curious George and the First Day of School is a story based on H. A. and Margret Rey's popular primate and painted inside the original watercolor and charcoal style. A full-color twenty-four-page paperback with bonus activities inside, like an “ Ants on a Log” recipe, a word search, plus a “ Color Your World” craft idea. George is just the right monkey for the job— till he starts to wreak his usual havoc, that is.

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