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Curious George Up, Up, And Away (cgtv 8X8)

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HMH Books

ASIN: 0547119666
MPN: FBA-|299752
ISBN: 0547119666
Author: H. A. Rey

"Curious George and Bill head into the clouds in this high-flying adventure. It's fun to soar with the birds, but one question soon arises: How will they get down?"--p. of cover.
One should read Up, Up, And Away, up, up, and away a fabulous book by H. A. Rey. The author is H. A. Rey and it was published by HMH Books. The became available sometime in 2009. The book is 24 pages long and it incorporates plenty of incredibly colored illustrations. PBS Kids, add to cart by clicking on the weblink below.

Curious George along using the man with each and every single of the yellow hat are organizing on taking a ride in a hot air balloon, but as George climbs in, he releases the rope tethering the balloon towards the ground.   Or will George and his curious ways support them get back to the ground? Will they continue going higher?   George and his friend, Bill, float away with the man with the yellow hat racing after them.


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