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Curious George Plumber's Helper (cgtv 8X8)

Curious George Plumbers Helper

HMH Books

ASIN: 0547235895
ISBN: 0547235895
Author: H. A. Rey

Kids love this outstanding book by H. A. Rey. Written by H. A. Rey and it was published sometime in 2010 by HMH Books. The children's book has 24 pages and it includes loads of colorfully illustrated pages. See it on PBS Kids. Characters created by Margaret and H. A. Rey. For more information on this children's book, click on our store link on this page.

When Curious George's new bath toys go down the drain, it's time to call the plumber. With some amazing tools (and George's help) , the toys are found together with the pipes are cleared. Ultimately, George learns that the best method to keep the plumbing system working is usually to stop clogs in the initial place. When a second drain disaster occurs, George tries fixing it on his own, with no precisely the same success. and to invest in extra massive (and extra fun) bath toys.


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